First day of exams tmr. Dahil walang pasok yesterday and last tuesday nakagawa na ko ng reviewer para sa ieexam tmr (hooray for that). Now kailangan ko gawan ng reviewer ung exam sa 2nd day tapos tsaka ako magrereview for tmr’s exam. Goodluck to me hays kaya to. 98 sa project test me so sad that should be perfect but i’ll still accept it :/

Tumblr is really my shoulder to lean on.

I’m not commanding you or anything. I just said “ayoko”, not “bawal”. Furthermore, please put the things you said in action. Kabaliktaran nung ginagawa mo yung sinasabi mo.

dalawang oras mahigit ko nang kinokondisyon yung sarili ko. hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin ako ayos, hindi tuloy ako makagawa ng mga dapat gawin para bukas. told myself na gagawa na dapat ako ng reviewer this weekend hindi ko pa rin nagawa. yung sanaysay nalang talaga kailangan ko matapos pero imbes na sa ms word ako nagtatype, eto ko sa tumblr hay

i was so happy last july 8 bc i found out that i’m included in the marynette staffer’s club. so last friday we had our first club meeting. i guess we were almost 40 inside the room. then we talked about the club, yeah; we’re going to have seminar on july 19; we also have to submit articles on august bc we need to produce 1 issue per quarter. soo, that’s it. we’re bombarded with lots of works plus this week will be our examination week. hell week i can say.

Kaya kong ngumiti. Kaya kong tumawa. Pero hindi ko alam kung pano ba maging masaya.

Porket alam niyong may mageedit pa hindi na ginagawa ng maayos yung part nila. Pwede namang kahit konti iedit nila, err. Copy paste agad agad e zz.

Morning selfie :-)

Morning selfie :-)

I told God a lot about you, then I cried.

     — (via donyaina)

Well this is my fear every sunday night. Obviously tomorrow is monday, which means may pasok na naman 5 days na naman ako sa school plus 1 because of the review on saturday. My problem is i feel like i am a transferee student. Well i have my friends, my barkada, but i think some of you knows the feeling na even in your own group you feel out of place. I feel like i dont belong or that sometimes when im with them i think for them i dont exist. I dont know. Kinakausap naman nila ako. But still i can feel it. Thus, pag transferee diba hindi alam saan lulugar, like what yung gagawin. I can feel that with my bestfriend. Para bang i dont know what to do pag magkasama kami or magkikita cause things are not the same like last year. Para bang hindi na kami ganun ka close. Thats it. I dont know how many sundays would i feel this but i hope maayos na lahat. Because even my studies, naaapektuhan ng sobra.


It wasn’t that easy. It’s really hard to wake up every morning feeling that pain in my chest. I could almost grab my heart out of my rib just to take all the pain away and just die. I’m always thinking that it’s better to jump off from the highest building and break off myself into pieces because…

When I’m having a nightmare, heavy breathing and screams, I want to wake up to a dream- a kiss from you, or feeling the safety of your arms wrapped tightly around me whispering sweet nothings of assurance that I am okay.. For now it is simply the melody of your voice or your soft breath; reminding me that your presence exists somewhere that is not beside me.

     — be here(6/28/14; 11:06 AM)

Why do people forget others when others don’t forget them.

i want to hear screams and laughters expressing your happiness while we are riding a roller coaster. i want to hold your hand while lying on the field at night looking at the stars and make wish as soon as we saw a falling star. i want to be the one you are calling at 2 am sharing thoughts in your head that hinders you to go to sleep. i want you to read this for you to know that it is you whom i love the most and i am willing to spend every second of the day with you. i want you; only you.